Asbestos Audits

ASB Consulting conducts Asbestos Audits in commercial and residential properties by performing a thorough visual inspection of all accessible areas and where necessary conducting material sampling on suspected material, having them analysed by a NATA accredited laboratory.

Asbestos Registers

As part of an asbestos audit an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) register is created which outlines identified and presumed asbestos in the workplace. It is a WorkCover requirement for workplaces to maintain an asbestos register and management plan for ACM detected

Clearance Certificates

A person commissioning licensed asbestos removal work must ensure that, once the licensed asbestos removal work has been completed, a clearance inspection is carried out and a clearance certificate is issued before the workplace or residence can be re-occupied.

Commercial Property Asbestos Audits & Registers

Did you know that Workcover requires all commercial properties built prior to 2004 to have an asbestos audit conducted and maintain and asbestos registers and management plan? ASB Consulting specialises in providing cost effective solutions for all commercial property owners and managers in meeting these regulatory requirements. We conduct a full site audit and process samples through a 3rd party NATA approved laboratory, provide and asbestos register detailing ACM identified on site and work with businesses to implement an asbestos management plan for the ongoing management of ACM remaining on site.

We service most of NSW for commercial audits and even nationally for multi location businesses. Our aim is to make it easy to have an asbestos audit conducted so get in touch today.

Commercial Property Asbestos audits

Are you renovating your home?

Don’t start anything until you have had an asbestos inspection carried out. Newcastle is filled with pre 1970 houses that were built using asbestos containing materials (ACM). They range from commonly known asbestos roof sheeting, old Hardy plank type cladding and compressed cement sheets used in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens to the more obscure exterior fake bricks, floor vinyls, tiles, glues and adhesives.

Getting an inspection is easy and not as expensive as you might think. Starting at $220, it is a small price to pay for the safety of you and your family.

For ASB Consulting clients in the Newcastle and Central Coast areas, loose fill asbestos has not be identified as being used in the Hunter. The NSW Fair Trading website has more information on effected areas that can register.

Does your workplace have an Asbestos Register?

It is the responsibility of property owners to maintain an asbestos register and management plan on properties built prior to 2004. ASB Consulting offers a cost effective and professional asbestos audit and survey service to take the hassle out of your compliance requirements. Simply give us a call and we can conduct a site assessment prior to work commencing with no obligation.

Buying a New (old) home?….. Get a pre purchase asbestos inspection.

We get lots of calls from potential new home owners who are buying an older house and are unsure if there is asbestos onsite and what condition it is in. Don’t buy before having a simple asbestos audit inspection. ASB can conduct a walk through with you doing a simple visual inspection and providing you with a report of our findings. Please note that unless destructive sample testing is carried out only a visual inspection using our experience can be conducted. Prices start as low as $220.

Asbestos Warning Stickers

For those jobs where encapsulation is the most appropriate form of remediation or where during an audit ACM is found onsite we have industry standard asbestos warning stickers.

Stickers are made from PVC vinyl and are suitable for internal and external use. 65mm (h) x 27mm (w) they are small enough not to be obtrusive while still easily seen by maintenance staff to limit unwitting disturbance of any remaining ACM.

Asbestos warning label

Don’t roll the dice….. get an asbestos audit today.