Clearance Certificates

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Asbestos Clearance Inspection Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter Valley

If you are commissioning licensed asbestos removal work (over 10m square) you must ensure that, once the asbestos removal work has been completed, a clearance inspection is carried out and a clearance certificate is issued before the workplace or residence can be re-occupied.

ASB Consulting provides removalist and property owners with a quick no fuss inspection process with certificates usually issued on the spot for a successful inspection allowing handover to clients to take place before you leave site. Working alongside asbestos professionals, we pride ourselves on being easy to deal with, reliable and cost effective.

If a clearance certificate has not been obtained, the asbestos removal area must not be re-occupied for normal use or other work activities. A clearance certificate must be issued before the area can be re-occupied for demolition or other work.

Unauthorised persons cannot enter the asbestos removal work area prior to a clearance certificate being issued and any protective barricades should remain in place until the completion of all licensed asbestos removal work and the final clearance certificate is issued.

If you wish to use ASB Consulting for your clearance certificate you can find details here for your WorkCover Notification form: (Notification Form Details)

How to Safely Remove Asbestos – (Code of Practice)

Asbestos Removal Control Plan – ARCP

A licensed asbestos removalist must prepare an asbestos removal control plan for any licensed asbestos removal work they are commissioned to undertake. ASB Consulting can help those unfamiliar with creating this document or wanting to outsource documentation of the removal process.

An asbestos removal control plan is a document that identifies the specific control measures a licence holder will use to ensure workers and other persons are not at risk when asbestos removal work is being conducted. It is similar to a job safety analysis (JSA) but is focused on the specific control measures necessary to minimise any risk from exposure to asbestos.

An asbestos removal control plan developed by ASB helps ensure that asbestos removal is well planned and carried out in a safe manner. The asbestos removal control plan must be prepared before the licensed asbestos removal work commences.