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An Asbestos Register is now mandatory in all workplaces built prior to 2004!

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Australia had a massive building influx throughout the asbestos boom period with many existing buildings still containing significant amounts of asbestos in areas such as roof sheets, wall linings, eves, insulation, tile underlay and adhesives along with countless other products that were used in the era.

With new workplace regulations now enforce, many property owners and managers are still unaware of their responsibilities when it comes to managing asbestos at the workplace, ASB Consulting is here to help. If you own or manage a property that was built prior to 2004 it is your responsibility to maintain an asbestos register and asbestos management plan. An asbestos register and management plan informs workers, including maintenance contractors to clearly understand and identify where asbestos is located before they start work and outlines a management plan on how to handle asbestos hazards.

Work Cover NSW has lots of information available on your requirements and it is worth checking out their website if you are looking for more information

Work Cover NSW asbestos info – (Asbestos info)

PCBU’s definition – (PCBU’s)

How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace – (Code of Practice)

WorkCover Penalties – (Work Health & Safety Legislation)

ASB Consulting can conduct an asbestos audit on any size and type of property and if asbestos is found at the workplace will provide an asbestos register and management plan as a written record that identifies all asbestos known and assumed to exist within a building. This includes asbestos materials that were used to construct the building when it was first built as well as asbestos that may be used within a facility for business purposes. The goal of the register is to clearly identify the presence of asbestos since it is a material that can negatively impact the health of everyone working at the workplace.

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It is now mandatory for landlords to provide an updated asbestos register when selling or leasing a property.
Asbestos super 6 roof sheeting was widely used throughout Australia. In most cases today, they are in poor condition and represent significant risk if not properly managed.
Commercial properties have a wide range of asbestos containing material (ACM) that were used in their construction during the asbestos boom period.
Office buildings are often overlooked for ACM, but is widely found in wall sheeting, roof lining, carpet and tiling products.